Are you over 40 and fed up with your weight?

Has your weight been inching upwards since you turned 40 and you feel helpless and hopeless about what to do about it?

Have you had the experience in the last few years of trying so hard to lose weight and then being absolutely heart-broken when a month later, the scales hadn’t budged?

Have you just become completely sick of depriving yourself on diets? (There comes a time when you just can’t take it any longer.)

If so, you’re in the right place.

A weight loss plan for women over 40

Dr. K. Weight Loss Doctor in LondonMy name is Dr. Khandee Ahnaimugan.

I am a medically qualified doctor and the author of two best-selling books about weight loss for women over 40.

At my weight loss clinic in Harley Street, London, I help women over 40 from all over the world to lose weight.

My clients refer to visiting my clinic as their “last chance saloon”. They’ve almost given up hope and they’re totally fed up with struggling with their weight on their own.

You see, the truth is…

Deprivation doesn’t work

If you’re over 40 and overweight, you’ve probably found it really difficult to lose weight by dieting. In fact that’s probably why you’re here.

Every day I meet women who tell me similar stories about diets and exercise programmes that might have worked in their twenties or thirties (but even then, the weight always came back) but as they got older it became harder and harder to lose weight (because of slowing metabolism).

Dieting is short-term focused

The problem with dieting is that it relies on deprivation. And most people are (understandably) not willing to feel deprived for very long.

If you can only tolerate a diet for a few weeks, it’s NEVER going to be a long-term solution to your weight problems. Dieting is just a quick fix, that becomes less and less able to fix anything, as you get older.

And yet you’re probably still blaming yourself for not being able to succeed?

Why this is NOT like a diet

So what do you need to do differently?

You need to start thinking “long-term”.

If you want to be slim and healthy for life, you have to change your habits to create a new sustainable lifestyle.

I want you to develop a natural, healthy relationship with food, which means rather than banning foods, I want you to be able to eat normally, but still make changes to your habits.

My behavioural approach includes:

  • Adjusting the amounts and timing of meals (in a way that you don’t feel deprived)
  • Modifying triggers that lead to unnecessary eating e.g. in your environment
  • Reducing unhelpful responses e.g. emotional eating or eating because of obligation
  • Learning how to deal with cravings and temptations
  • Getting a better understanding of your eating habits, so we can see which parts can be cut back without causing deprivation

An intensive programme

Changing habits doesn’t happen overnight.

With my weight loss programme, we meet every week, focusing on making lasting changes to your behaviour and habits.

If you’re sick of struggling along on your own, and want support, advice and accountability as you set about changing your eating behaviour and habits, then this programme is ideal for you.

With an intensive programme of behavioural change our aim is to reprogramme your relationship with food.

When we do this, your habits support you in long-term weight maintenance.

The long-term focus is crucial

Everything I do in my programme, is focused on long-term, lasting, weight control.

And with this approach, because we are focused on behaviour and habits, there are no pills, no supplements, no surgical procedures, no calorie counting, no packaged meals and no deprivation diet regimes involved.

“Losing weight was so hard to achieve until I met you, and then it was easy”

BK, 40, Lost 20 pounds with me at the clinic*

“I now feel in control of what I eat, but still get to enjoy food as much as before.
It’s a brilliant feeling to be the weight I want to be, at the age of 48.”

KR, 48, lost 47 pounds with me at the clinic*

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My weight loss clinic is located in Harley Street, London. I specialise in helping women over the age of 40 lose weight in a sustainable and healthy way. The address of the clinic is 76 Harley Street, London, W1G 7HH.


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