7 Bad Ideas for Weight Loss

1. Deadlines

Aiming to lose weight by a particular date is poison for losing weight healthily. If you want to do things quickly, you will resort to starving yourself instead of making small, healthy changes.

2. The No Pain/ No gain attitude

If you hate what you are doing to lose weight, do you honestly think that you will keep doing it for the rest of your life?

3. Thinking that losing weight is the aim

Losing weight is not the aim. Losing and then maintaining your weight is the aim. Most diets concentrate on weight loss. Very few focus on what you are going to do once you get there. If you don’t maintain your weight loss, you will end up yoyo dieting.

4. Ego

Who cares how you lose weight, as long as it’s safe and it works? But some people think that part of being healthy involves impressing others with how hard you are working to achieve it. Chief perpetrators are the people who boast about doing “killer workouts” and “blasting their abs”. Weight loss doesn’t have to be gruelling. If you think that you need to lose weight in a way that impresses others, think again. Leave your ego at the door, and focus on losing weight in a way that you can maintain.

5. Unrealistic aims

Infected by unrealistic images from TV and magazines, many people yearn for a supermodel’s body. But most of us can never achieve that. And even if we could, if we realised the kind of effort required to maintain it, we would soon reconsider.

Some people would rather be overweight than face the fact that they can’t ever have a “perfect body”. But don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. There are lots of benefits to losing weight. Even a 5% reduction in weight can make a big difference to your health.

6. Tying Self-esteem to Weight

It’s easier said than done (especially in our society) but your self-worth should be independent of your weight. Slim people are not any more “worthy” than people who are overweight. Yes, you will feel better and healthier at your ideal, healthy weight, but it doesn’t make you a “better person”. Self-acceptance should be your aim, regardless of weight.

7. Separating out being slim and enjoying life

People who put off doing something about their weight until after Christmas or their holiday have things backwards. Naturally, you will want to continue having holidays or celebrating Christmas even after you are slim! So the trick is to work out how to do both: you can be slim and still enjoy life.

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