My 3 Bestsellers on Weight Loss For Women over 40

Slim and Healthy Without Dieting

My first book is an introduction to my weight loss approach.

In this book, you’ll find a step-by-step guide to losing weight without dieting.

Losing Weight After 40

My second book on weight loss is focused on the journey that every woman who tries to lose weight has to go through in order to achieve the goal weight.

Using examples from clients at my clinic, I show the different challenges you may face at different stages of the weight loss journey and how to deal with them.

Slim After 40

Most women who come to see me at my clinic talk about feeling out of control. Despite all their best efforts they can’t control their weight.

This book is about how to take control of your weight and your eating, but without needing to diet or deprive yourself. I use lots of practical examples from my clients to show different situations you may come across, and how to handle them.