Can you lose weight only eating chocolate?

ChocolateIf you went on a diet that was only restricted to one type of food, you would lose weight. Regardless of the food.

So, yes you could lose weight eating chocolate alone. At least in the short term. How?

Because how many chocolate bars could you eat before you were sick of them? And if that’s all you are allowed to eat, eventually you would cut back your eating to the point where you would be eating less.

The result is weight loss. Although I imagine that most people would not be able to last on this diet for more than a few days before they gave up (not to mention how bad it would be for their teeth).

The “Secret” Ingredient in Many Diets

So when you eat only one type of food, you end up losing weight. Many diets rely on this principle. They often dress it up to say that the particular food they are making you eat (or the ones you are avoiding) are imbued with some special characteristic, but ultimately it all comes down to restriction. When you cut out whole classes of food type from your diet, then you will eat less, because you have fewer food choices.

Of course this is not good for your health.

It’s not just a choice between starvation or death by chocolate

So am I saying that you shouldn’t eat chocolate if you want to lose weight? Absolutely not. I have many clients who have lost weight, even while continuing to eat chocolate.

The point here isn’t to tell you whether you should or shouldn’t eat chocolate.

If you want to eat chocolate, and for you, surviving without chocolate feels like torture, then you have to find a way to incorporate chocolate into your life, while still losing weight.

So, rather than having to choose between an all chocolate diet and a starvation diet where you can’t eat chocolate at all, go for the middle ground.

Some tips for losing weight healthily while still enjoying chocolate

So, how can you do it?

Here are some quick tips:

1. Go for the best

If you’re going to eat chocolate, only eat chocolate that you really love. Don’t settle for mediocre chocolate.

Say to yourself, I’d rather eat no chocolate than have substandard chocolate. Make it into a personal rule.

2. Control your environment.

Most people get into trouble because they translate their love of chocolate into having regular access to chocolate. But what this means is rather than deliberately deciding to eat chocolate, you end up just having it “because it was there”.

Don’t do this.

Make chocolate something you choose to have, not something you happen to have because so much of it’s lying around.

On a practical level, this means, don’t leave chocolate lying around in or on your desk at work. Try and limit the amount lying around at home.

3. Don’t use chocolate for any other functions aside from a good tasting snack.

If you love the taste of chocolate then eat it. But eat it because you love the taste. Try and eliminate it from being a pick-me-up when you’re feeling tired, a stress relief, or a boredom buster. This really applies to any food. If you’re finding that a particular food is serving other functions aside from satisfying hunger or because you love the taste, then it’s overstepped its boundaries.

Find other ways to deal with fatigue, stress or boredom that don’t involve food (or alcohol … or tobacco)

You can eat chocolate and still lose weight. It just requires being a little bit more discerning about how you eat your chocolate and when.

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