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How Do I Lose Weight When I’m So Busy?

Fotolia 74002379 XS Do you feel like you're too busy to lose weight? Most of the clients I see at my clinic are balancing work, family and busy social calendars. They have previously found that being busy interferes with losing weight because: 1.
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The Secret of the Woman Who Has Lost More Weight Than You

Been Thin All My LIfe Until Now Imagine you've just finished reading "Slim and Healthy without Dieting" and decided to lose weight using my approach. A few weeks later, you've lost three pounds (which is great, by the way) but you're still feeling a bit unsure about
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Will I Ever Be Able to Lose Weight?

Tape Measure Do you ever think about losing weight and DESPAIR at how much you need to do? Do you feel FAR AWAY from your goal? It's easy to look at people who have already lost weight and think that they achieved
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Ever Feel Like Quitting? You ALWAYS Have 3 Options

Stop Sign

You’ve high proteined. You’ve low-carbed. You’ve fasted. You’ve done packaged meals, juices, and low-fat. You’ve maple syruped, detoxed, counted points and even boot-camped. When you’ve been going on diets multiple times a year since your late teens, then there comes

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It’s a Weight Loss Crisis!

Dont Panic

Many years ago, I remember reading this quote from a book by the author Brian Tracy, in which he said: “If you’re living a normal, busy life today, you will probably have a crisis of some kind every two to

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Weight Loss Q & A with Dr. K: Eating 1200 Calories a Day and Still Not Losing Weight

Q: I’m 43 and have the 12 weekly depo provera injection. I have put on 10kg (22 pounds) over 5 years but I just can’t shift it even by eating only 1200 calories a day. Have you any suggestions please?

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Weight Loss Q & A with Dr. K: Hysterectomies and Weight Gain, Calorie allowances, Emotional Eating and Eating More to Lose Weight!

Q: After weighing 9st 2 lbs (128 lb) for the last 10 years, my weight has gone up 7lbs in the last year. Do you think it is related to having a hysterectomy and taking HRT. I am trying to

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Weight Loss Q & A with Dr. K: 4th February 2015

Q: Dr K I have had a weight problem all my adult life. I have lost and gained many times over. I am 59 years old. Is it possible that your body will just stop losing weight no matter whether

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Weight Loss Q & A with Dr. K: Alcohol and Weight Loss, Eating Healthily and Not Losing Weight

Q: Hi Dr. K We are told that one glass of red wine per day actually does us more good than harm? This suits me very nicely as i enjoy a glass with my dinner! What is your view on

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Q & A with Dr. K: I’m 51 and have dieted since my teens. What do I do now?

Here’s this week’s question: Q: I’m 51 and have dieted all my life since my teens now I just can not get my head around going on a another diet or trying anything to lose weight and I am the

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