Dieting After 40 is More Difficult .. So What?

This article talks about how it is harder for women over 40 to lose weight.

Yes it is harder to lose weight after 40, but as I have said before, what your metabolism lacks, you can make up for with a superior attitude to weight loss.

Diets really don’t work after 40. So what? Diets are short-term solutions. Most of the clients I see, have been through lots and lots of diets with no success. Even when they lost weight quickly, they usually piled it back on. It’s when clients come and see me that they decide they want to lose weight for good this time.

This requires abandoning diets and focussing on long-term behavioural change.

You don’t want quick results. You want long-term results. This alone makes a huge difference.

If you have a long-term focus, you can make patient, sustainable behavioural changes. This is the opposite of the quick-fix diet. And the result of this long-term focus is that you are much better placed to maintain your weight loss than someone under 40.

Dr. Khandee Ahnaimugan (Dr. K) is a medical doctor, weight loss expert and author of the best-selling book, “Slim and Healthy without Dieting”. He provides individual consulting programmes for people wanting to lose weight without dieting. Try his 7 Day “How to Lose Weight without Dieting” Email Course for FREE at

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