We are talking about the criteria that every weight loss programme should fulfil before you try it.

We have previously talked about non-drasticity (I know it’s not a word) and long-term focus.


#3: Fun

If you choose a weight loss programme that is easy to fit in, and has a long-term focus, but doing it means that you will struggle to eat out, travel or have fun, then I’m sorry, but you are not likely to stick to it for long.

Whichever programme you choose should allow you to enjoy life. If not, then try a different one.

#4: Safe

I’ve mentioned this last, but it is very important. Make sure that your weight loss programme is safe. Drastic measures without medical supervision can be very dangerous. Also, make sure if you are relying on any surgical procedures that the surgeon is qualified, and you are well-informed about the success rates and risks.

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Don't Try and Lose Weight Before Checking This #3 and #4 by