FAQ: Counting Calories #2


Should I monitor the number of calories being consumed or not?
I can’t help but worry that without keeping check on the number of calories I am eating I will eat more than usual.


See first part of answer here

While I don’t advocate calorie counting, I do recommend “calorie awareness”.

What does this mean?

It means you should have a rough idea of the calorie content of the things that you eat.

This doesn’t mean adding up the calories each day. But it does mean knowing, generally, what you are eating.

For example:

One client of mine used to eat a cookie with her mid-morning coffee at a cafe near work. She thought it was a harmless habit until the day they started putting the calorie content next to the price. She was shocked to see that the cookie was 500 calories. Her entire lunch often had fewer calories than her mid-morning snack!

Calorie awareness ensures that you make informed decisions about the things you eat. Without calorie awareness you might be in the position of those people who are gaining weight and have no idea why.

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