How Do I Lose Weight When I’m So Busy?

Hand writing So Many Things in To Do List, vector conceptDo you feel like you’re too busy to lose weight?

Most of the clients I see at my clinic are balancing work, family and busy social calendars.

They have previously found that being busy interferes with losing weight because:

1. Dieting is time-intensive

It takes time to find all the ingredients. It takes time to learn new recipes. It takes time to plan out meals.

2. Social engagements are disruptive

If you have several social occasions in a week, or a vacation, it becomes very hard to stick to a diet.

A busy social week can sink a diet.

This is all fine and well, but remember one small detail…


If you don’t have time to diet that’s fine, but with a behavioural approach to weight loss, this is MUCH less of a worry.

Here’s 5 things you need to do:


1. Don’t overhaul your eating.

Some clients are taken aback when I ask them to keep eating normally.

They assume that losing weight requires a completely new menu with all sorts of different ingredients.

But this is time consuming and likely to be difficult to stick to.

Instead, keep eating what you normally eat, and make small changes.


2. Keep your food diary on your phone.

I tell clients to write their food diary down during the day. Take a couple of seconds to enter it on the notepad app on your phone.

If it’s on your phone you can copy and paste it onto the food diary at the end of the day. This should only take a few seconds.


3. Think about the day ahead

The biggest problem when you get busy is that you end up getting into situations where you’re caught hungry and then have to eat whatever is available.

Take a few seconds at the beginning of the day to think about “where am I going to eat today?”

When you think ahead, you prevent being caught unawares.


4. Buy something on the way in to work

If you think there’s a chance that you might be working late and get too hungry, then buy something on the way in to work (or at lunchtime). Something like a salad will keep you going and prevent your appetite getting out of control.


5. Don’t dread social occasions.

A client of mine went out for dinner every night last week (including a few days in Paris) and didn’t gain any weight. This is what you need to aim for.

It’s just a matter of learning how to handle these sorts of social situations.

So rather than fearing and avoiding social occasions, you want to experience more of them, to practice how to handle them better.

When you think about it, if you want to be slim and healthy for life, then you have to be able to go out socially and manage your weight.


Less time spent worrying

One of my clients the other day said that for the first time, she was no longer wasting time each day worrying about her weight.

This is part of the freedom of learning how to naturally manage your weight.

Think of what you can do with all that spare mental focus.


Don’t let a busy life stand in the way of your weight loss goals. If you play your cards right, losing weight shouldn’t interfere with your schedule, and your schedule shouldn’t interfere with your weight loss either.


How do you manage your weight with a busy schedule? I’d love to hear your experiences.

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10 comments on “How Do I Lose Weight When I’m So Busy?
  1. Carry says:

    Doing my food diary on my phone is a great idea. I will try that.
    When I am really busy I tend to eat less well and eat too many snacks.

  2. Dawn Jagdev says:

    I tend to eat less when I’m busy!

  3. Ruth Harkins says:

    I have found spending 2-5 minutes a day, usually first thing, reading from Dr k”s book or blogs, keeps all the ideas fresh in mind and I find myself naturally eating more mindfully during the day. I have gone down a dress size in about 6 weeks from eating smaller portions, not wasting calories on treat food that I’m not especially fond of. (i.e. Munching on biscuits just because they are considered treats, even though I find them quite boring!!!!!) I still drink champagne, eat roast dinners with all the extras etc.. Also found that eating a tiny portion but telling myself I can go back for more if I want, really works. Have found that I rarely go back for 2nds but if I put a large portion onto my plate in the beginning I scoff the lot. Thanks Dr K.

  4. Henneke says:

    I find that planning my eating when I know I am going to be busy,really works – otherwise I start eating food when and where I can grab it and too often it’s not particularly nutritious. But planning to take something with me, or where I will eat, really helps. If I become unexpectedly busy, I try to at least have a bottle of water to hand so I can drink and it tides me over till I can think about”helpful” instead of harmful food…

    • Hi Henneke,

      Absolutely. If you don’t plan, you are then totally at the mercy of the environment.

      Having water on you is great. Some clients find it useful to take a small bag of nuts or some other kind of small snack.

  5. Jennifer Good says:

    I try to order fish when dining out as I tend to not cook it at home. This helped me keep losing weight even while on vacation.

  6. Julie says:

    I am either in my home office or travelling. I’ve found that it helps me to prepare my breakfast (fruit salad) and lunch (vegetable salad) for the next day during the evening. I used to say to myself that I didn’t feel like cutting up all those fruits and veggies and would make my breakfast and lunch when the time came. But when the time comes, I’m usually so hungry and loathe to stop working to take time to prepare something healthy, so I grab bread with nutella and jelly, and when lunchtime rolls around, it’s the same thing: no time to make a salad,,,a bowl of ice cream goes quicker. But if I make my salads the day before, then I feel obliged to make them my food priority, since chopped up fruits and veggies only stay appetizing for a short period of time.

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