I see many women who tell me that workplace commitments, weird schedules and constant travel make it impossible for them to lose weight.

And I would agree with them .. if they were following a “diet”.

A diet is where you get told “eat this, this and this”. It’s inflexible, usually drastic and often unpleasant. It often requires lots of time and effort to adjust to a whole new menu of foods.

But a behavioural approach is not a diet. It differs from a diet in one crucial way:

There is nothing you HAVE to eat… and nothing you can’t eat. In fact most clients find that on my behavioural programme, that even after losing weight, they are still eating remarkably similar things to what they were eating before they lost weight

I have had clients who:
1. Were constantly travelling
2. Worked long hours
3. Had large families
4. Could barely even make the weekly appointments

And yet they still managed to lose weight. Because a behavioural approach is not about:
1. Shopping for a whole new bunch of ingredients and cooking new recipes
2. Spending 5 hours a day working out
3. Weighing foods and counting calories.

Instead it’s about getting back in touch with how much food you actually need to feel full and satisfied. And then re-training yourself to stick with this new approach for life.

And accomplishing this might take a few months, but you only need to devote a few minutes a day to make the changes. It really doesn’t take long and anyone can fit it into their lives.

Dr. Khandee Ahnaimugan (Dr. K) is a medical doctor, weight loss expert and author of the best-selling book, “Slim and Healthy without Dieting”. He provides individual consulting programmes for people wanting to lose weight without dieting. Try his 7 Day “How to Lose Weight without Dieting” Email Course for FREE at www.doctorkweightloss.com

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