A client of mine recently emailing me suggesting that she was struggling to keep a food diary this week, since returning from holidays and coping with work and getting the kids prepared for school.

I am generally very flexible with my weight loss programme. After all, the changes we make have to fit in with your life. The moment we start enforcing changes that are not consistent with your usual lifestyle, we reduce the chances of them being successful or sustainable.

But the one thing I am NOT flexible about is food diaries. And with good reason. My clients who keep food diaries do much better than those who stop them.

Luckily I misunderstood my client and she was actually keeping up with the food diary but had just forgotten to list a couple of snacks. Her food diary continues and she’s lost 1 stone so far.

If you were only able to do one thing to lose weight, it would be to keep a food diary. And if you could only do two things to lose weight, it would be to keep a food diary and get someone else to look at it.

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