Is Losing 4 Pounds in a Month a Pathetic Amount of Weight Loss?

Last night I was at an event, and ran into someone who has started my free 7 Day Weight Loss E-Course. She told me that one of the biggest lessons of the course for her was about adjusting her expectations around weight loss.

This brings up an interesting point. How do you gauge your results? Most people start their weight loss programme and are anxious to see progress quickly. If they’re not seeing adequate results they will question their weight loss method or even worse, question whether they are actually capable of losing weight.

So what happens if you are a 48 year old woman and you lose 4 pounds in a month on your weight loss programme? Is that good? Is that slow? Is there something wrong with you? Are you doomed?

The short answer:
4 pounds in a month is EXCELLENT! If you’re doing things in a sustainable way (meaning you’re happy that you can maintain these new changes forever) then 4 pounds in a month is very good going. Over 6 months that would work out to 24 pounds, which is almost 2 stone.

In fact, even 3 pounds a month will add up to amazing (sustainable) results over a few months.

The long answer:
Most of us don’t like to admit that fad diets peddled on late night TV influence us. We are too logical and smart to be taken in by unrealistic claims. But the fact is this sort of rubbish is all around us. And eventually, when you get told that you can lose 30 pounds in a month, you start to believe it. This is why people who are making excellent progress, question themselves, get disappointed and sometimes want to quit.

First of all, a programme that leads to massive weight loss in a short space of time (a few weeks) is either not real or dangerous.

Secondly (and your life depends on this) you need to get used to the fact that success in weight loss will be much more likely to happen if you eliminate any thoughts of “how fast will it happen?”

We focus on speed of weight loss for 2 reasons:
1. In our society we want everything now. This is especially true of women under 40. They don’t want to wait 6 months to lose weight. They want it in 1-3 months. This is why in my opinion, women with a more mature outlook on weight loss are always more likely to succeed.

2. If your weight loss programme is brutal and unpleasant, why would you want to be on it for months on end? You want it over and done with in a few weeks.

The key to success is to be patient. The more you push out the time-frames of when you want to achieve your goal, the more likely you will make sensible long term changes rather than drastic, short term ones. And realistically, in one year’s time, are you going to care if it took you 3 months or 6 months to lose the weight?

Make small changes and seize upon any progress as a sign that you are moving in the right direction. Remember, if you are doing things in a way that doesn’t feel unpleasant and that you feel you could do for the rest of your life, then you are setting yourself up for a lifetime of natural weight management.

Dr. Khandee Ahnaimugan (Dr. K) is a medical doctor, weight loss expert and author of the best-selling book, “Slim and Healthy without Dieting”. Try his FREE 7 Day E-Course at

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