Losing Weight in the Kitchen

The more food we see, the more food we eat.

If your environment is surrounded by food, then you will tend to eat more than if you don’t see much food at all.

With this in mind, it makes sense to focus on the kitchen as a central battleground in your fight to lose (and maintain) weight.

Here are some quick reminders about things you can do to minimise unnecessary eating in the kitchen:

1. Don’t buy in bulk. Bulk buying means that there is much more food around the house which is tempting in itself. Some people even eat more just to “get rid of” excess food that has been purchased. Any money you save with bulk buying is not worth the effect on your waistline.

2. If possible, reduce the amount of time you spend in the kitchen outside of food preparation. People who “work from home” at the kitchen table will find snacking that much harder to resist. After all, the food is right there. Work elsewhere, if you can.

3. Use smaller cooking vessels to prepare food in. The bigger the pot, the more food you will prepare and the more likely you will eat more than you need

4. Similarly serve up food in smaller plates. Smaller plates make you eat less and yet you will often feel just as full as if you ate from a larger plate.

5. When you store food, try and keep it out of sight. Think how much easier it is to have a chocolate when the packet is sitting on the kitchen counter, than if it’s safely ensconced in a cupboard somewhere.

These changes might seem trivial, but they are amazingly effective. Much is made of “resisting” the lure of food, but it’s much easier to resist things that you can’t see. If you can reduce the amount of time you spend in the proximity of food, you’ll find it that much easier to resist.

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