Most People Won’t Tell You the Truth About Their Weight Loss

I’m not saying that most people are liars but when it comes to any form of success, most people who achieve it won’t tell you the whole story.

What you often hear is simplified versions of what happened. They tend to minimise:
– the help they received
– the time it took
– the persistence they needed

Why? Because even with the best of intentions, we just tend to forget the details.

And this accounts for the improbable stories that become commonplace:
– the celebrity who wins overnight success (although they spent 10 years working hard in obscurity before their big breakthrough)
– the business that makes it big with a blockbuster product (forgetting the 5 other products that bombed)

This wouldn’t be so bad, except it tends to affect our perceptions and expectations.

This is very common with weight loss. When you hear from someone you know that they lost 3 stone in a couple of months (even though it actually took 10 months) it sets up a different timeline of expectations.

And this means that even when you are making excellent progress, you are measuring it against these unrealistic expectations of fast weight loss.

The fact is, when you hear a story about anyone who has lost weight, and they tell you how long it took, you should NEVER take what they say at face value, because it’s probably not true.

Dr. Khandee Ahnaimugan (Dr. K) is a medical doctor, weight loss expert and author of the best-selling book, “Slim and Healthy without Dieting”. He provides individual consulting programmes for people wanting to lose weight without dieting. Try his 7 Day “How to Lose Weight without Dieting” Email Course for FREE at

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