Only eat it, if it's good

Unless something has nutritional value, why should you settle for eating food that is just “Ok”. Become a hedonist. Unless it’s healthy, eat only things that you absolutely love.

To paraphrase one of my clients:

“If I’m going to take in calories, I don’t to waste it on things I don’t enjoy”

You would be surprised with the number of things that you eat, that are neither nutritious for you, or enjoyable. This includes finishing off a dessert that wasn’t very tasty, or finishing that chocolate bar, even though you started feeling sick halfway through. Eliminating these instances can contribute a lot to your weight loss.

Eat food that’s good for you, or food that you absolutely adore. Don’t mess with Mr In-between.

As I like to say about food :

“If it’s not healthy or heavenly then it’s a hazard”

Photo: Tim Pierce

Only Eat Food That You Love (Unless it's good for you) by