Q & A with Dr. K: Struggling to Stay Focused


Remember, this Q & A is where you can get me to answer your weight loss questions.

Of course, your first question might be:
Dr. K. Weight Loss Doctor in LondonWho is this guy and why should I listen to him?

I’m a medically qualified doctor, and my focus is entirely on helping women over 40 lose weight naturally (and keep it off) without dieting. I do this using a behavioural approach to weight loss.

I have written two books on weight loss, run a busy clinic in London, England (where I only see women over 40), and have created online weight loss programs that have been used by over 6000 women.


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Anyway, here’s this week’s question:

Q: I am unable to stay focused for long, which affects my weight loss and subsequent gain. I’m 41 nearly 42 and would like some tips on how I could overcome this.



If you are strongly motivated to lose weight but can’t focus for long, then perhaps the thing stopping you is that you find losing weight to be unpleasant or unwieldy?


Because you’re dieting!

You’re replacing your normal habits with some kind of complicated regime that is not very practical and feels depriving.

Diets are not a long-term way of losing weight.


1. Keep your diet the same (initially) so it’s easy to stick to, and make small changes

2. Base those small changes on ways that you can eat less without feeling deprived.


This is the best way to easily stay focused, and leads to long-term weight loss.



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