Q&A with Dr. K: Eating porridge to lose weight

I’m back with the second Q & A.

Dr. K. Weight Loss Doctor in LondonWho am I and why should you listen to me?

I’m a medically qualified doctor, and my focus is entirely on helping women over 40 lose weight naturally (and keep it off) without dieting. I do this using a behavioural approach to weight loss.

I have written two books on weight loss, run a busy clinic in London, England (where I only see women over 40), and have created online weight loss programs that have been used by over 6000 women.


Last week, we talked about menopause weight gain.

This week we’re covering the porridge diet and weight not budging:

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Hi, I just want to ask if its OK to eat one bowl of porridge a day if I want to lose weight fast?




Lose weight fast?

One bowl of porridge a day?

I think you’ve stumbled on to the wrong blog!


What you’re describing is the “Anti-Dr. K” approach to weight loss.

One bowl of porridge a day is not a safe, healthy, desirable or long-term way to lose weight.

Abandon your desire to lose weight fast, and think about how to manage your weight in a healthy long-term way.

I have lost over 20 kg (44 pounds) but over the last year have been up and down over the same 2 or 3 kg (4-6 pounds).

I still need to lose about 27 kg (60 pounds) to reach a BMI of 25.

What are some ideas to get things moving forward again?

I still keep a food journal, eat fruit and veg, consider portion size etc.

I have identified some trigger places and times but havent found a way to manage them well as yet.

Firstly, well done for losing 20kg (44 pounds). That is really impressive and something most people would struggle to do.

And aside from a bit of fluctuation, you’re still maintaining which is also very good.
Now, how to get moving again?

Sometimes after a concerted push to lose weight, you may need a bit of a rest to consolidate. Let’s call the last year your “rest” which puts you in an ideal situation now to make the next push.

It’s ideal that you’re keeping a food diary, because that is where we will see which areas can be changed.
Plate scalesSome general points:

– Be careful with fruit. I know “fruit and veg” is considered healthy, but it’s not unusual for people to over-do fruit, thinking that it’s healthy so they can eat as much as they want. It’s still calories.

– You can always keep reviewing food portions. We can’t assume that the amounts you arrived at a year ago are still relevant. You may be able to keep cutting back.

– As you’ve pointed out, dealing with trigger situations is crucial. It will take a few different approaches before you get it right.


This is one of the biggest challenges of losing weight with this approach. It’s hard to keep consistently making changes. It’s easy to get distracted and lose momentum.

You need to be consistent. So getting someone else to help you stick with it, is ideal.


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