Q&A with Dr. K: Always going off track when trying to lose weight

It’s the day before Christmas and you may not be in the best frame of mind to think about weight loss, but duty calls, and I am here with my weekly Q & A.

First though, a question you may want answered:

Dr. K. Weight Loss Doctor in LondonWho am I and why should you listen to me?

I’m a medically qualified doctor, and my focus is entirely on helping women over 40 lose weight naturally (and keep it off) without dieting. I do this using a behavioural approach to weight loss.

I have written two books on weight loss, run a busy clinic in London, England (where I only see women over 40), and have created online weight loss programs that have been used by over 6000 women.



Dr. K,

I know what I should be doing, but after a few days, something always goes wrong and pushes me off track.

How do I overcome this?



Firstly, what you’re describing happens to EVERYONE.

It’s a myth of the dieting mentality, that when you make changes to your eating patterns that you have to stick with them 100% without faltering.
The fact is, when making changes to something as significant as your eating patterns, you’re bound to have some struggles along the way.

I liken it to a child learning to walk.

They don’t just stand up and that’s it. They fall over, many times, before they get it right.


But there’s also another viewpoint about things going wrong.

In the last few weeks, I’ve been doing in-depth reviews of forum member’s food diaries.

A member will send me in 3 day’s worth of food diary, and I analyse every bit of it.


Now, one of the criteria I have for the 3 days they send in, is that they have to include days where things went wrong.


Because there’s nothing to learn when everything is going smoothly!

It’s only when things go wrong that you find out areas of your eating that need changes.


For example, if on one of the three days, the forum member over-ate at a party, then we have identified that parties are an area of difficulty and we need to come up with a better strategy to deal with them.


In general, on the forum, I strongly encourage all the members to share both good days and bad days.

I recognise that there is a temptation to only want to share when things are going smoothly and quietly “vanish” when times are tough.

But it’s when things are not going to plan that I can be of the greatest help.

And… when one member shares their difficulties, the others can see it and say to themselves “Hey! It’s not just me!”


Which leads me back to the first point:

It’s not just you.

It never is.
Whatever you have been through in trying to lose weight, you can be sure that someone else has been through the same thing and overcame it.

If they can, you can too.


P.S. Merry Christmas!



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