Q&A with Dr. K: I want to lose 56 pounds in 2 months

If you’re a woman over 40 who’s overweight, and you have a question about weight loss, then this new feature will be very interesting for you.

Every Wednesday, I’m going to be answering weight loss questions here in the blog.

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A good first question to ask might be:
Dr. K. Weight Loss Doctor in LondonWho am I and why should you listen to me?

I’m a medically qualified doctor, and my focus is entirely on helping women over 40 lose weight naturally (and keep it off) without dieting. I do this using a behavioural approach to weight loss.

I have written two books on weight loss, run a busy clinic in London, England (where I only see women over 40), and have created online weight loss programs that have been used by over 6000 women.


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I want to lose 56 pounds (4 stone / 25kg) in two months.

What is the best way to do it?



That is a lot of weight to lose in a short time.

I can understand the desire to lose weight fast, but it’s really not helping you.

Mostly when people tell me they want to lose weight that quickly, ironically a year later they’re still struggling.

Because in their desire to lose weight quickly, they just bounce from one yoyo diet to another.

The best thing you can do for yourself, is to be gentle with yourself.

It’s not a race.

By giving yourself such unreasonable targets you’re poisoning your chances of success.

Better to take the pressure off, and make sure that when you lose weight, it NEVER comes back.



I am 62 and have gone through the menopause.

I have put on some weight that I am really struggling to get rid of. I work full time permanent 12hr night shifts which I realise can cause havoc with eating.

I exercise regularly, eat healthily, love fresh fruit & veg (I grow a lot of what I eat) so my diet is pretty good. Do you have any suggestions, please?

Yes you’re absolutely right that night shifts / disturbed sleep can really affect your hunger and weight.

What I would suggest is that you keep a food diary as accurately as possible for a week.

Then look at it, and see if it tallies with what you thought you were eating.

Most people are surprised with how many little things are added in that they didn’t realise were there.

If after doing that you aren’t clear where the extras are, show your food diary to someone else (this is what I do for members of my forum).

Also, be aware that at 62, weight loss will be slower than you expect so what you might perceive as “struggling” is actually a normal rate of weight loss and you just need to be more patient.


See you next Wednesday!


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