Slim and Healthy without Dieting


Slim and Healthy without Dieting

Are you over 40 and fed up with your weight?

Your success at losing weight and keeping it off depends on how much you can change your lifestyle. When new healthy behaviours become second nature you become a healthy person who maintains a healthy weight.

This is the promise of Slim and Healthy without Dieting. In this book, weight loss expert Dr Khandee Ahnaimugan (Dr K) shares the secrets of his unique behavioural approach. Backed by extensive research, Dr K will show you a different approach to eating and exercise.

Previously only available to Dr K’s private clients, the strategies and techniques in this book will open your eyes to a new way of naturally managing your weight for the long term. You will never need to diet again.

What’s Inside:

Chapter 1: Why Diets Fail: The Key to Lasting Weight Loss

Chapter 2: How to be Slim and Healthy without Dieting

Chapter 3: Laying the Foundations: The Can’t-Fail Way to Lose Weight

Chapter 4: The Magic Margin: How You Can Eat Less and Not Feel Hungry

Chapter 5: Progress, Not Perfection: There’s No Such Thing as a Bad Day

Chapter 6: Indispensable Advice:If You Can Only Do One Thing to Lose Weight…Do This

Chapter 7: Balanced Indulgence:How That Woman Seems to Eat So Much and Still Stays Slim

Chapter 8: Eating Slowly to Lose Weight: Twenty Ideas to Slow Down Eating That Don’t Include “Chew Your Food More”

Chapter 9: Enough’s Enough: Fighting Your Brain’s Bad Decisions about Food Portions”

Chapter 10: Exercise: Is it as Important as You Think?

Chapter 11: “Because It Was There”: How Your Environment Affects What You Eat and What to Do about It

Chapter 12: Danger Food: Do You Have to Cut Out All the Foods You Love in Order to Lose Weight? No!

Chapter 13: “I Didn’t Want to Offend Them”: How to Stop Eating for Others

Chapter 14: Having a Life: How to Eat Out, Go on Holiday and Still Lose Weight

Chapter 15: “Chocolate Is Calling”: How to Resist Food Temptation

Chapter 16: Staying Slim: How to Maintain Your Weight Loss

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