Definitive Guide to Menopause Weight GainI’ve created a new resource called “The Definitive Guide to Menopause Weight Gain (and what to do about it).

In this guide, which is available for free on my website, you will learn:

1. What is menopause weight gain?

2. What is different about menopause weight gain compared to regular weight gain

3. Two patterns of weight gain at menopause

4. Why weight gain happens at menopause: 6 causes

5. Does HRT cause weight gain?

6. Why the usual advice doesn’t work

7. Treatment options for menopause weight gain

8. 18 steps for dealing with menopause weight gain

9. Menopause resources (US and UK)

I wanted this to be a comprehensive guide to menopause weight gain, and it’s available for free here.

The Definitive Guide to Menopause Weight Gain (and What To Do About It) by

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