The Strict Personal Trainer

A friend has recently started seeing a rather strict personal trainer.

Although the trainer doesn’t have time to assess her eating habits thoroughly, he’s made it clear to my friend that he thinks she should stop drinking alcohol completely. And also completely cut out all and stop eating desserts.

If he she follows this plan, and continues to “push it hard” at the gym, she should be looking like Angelina Jolie in no time.

But will she follow the plan? No she won’t.

Giving up alcohol, chocolate and dessert at the same time is not going to happen.

So what does my friend do? She lies. She tells him she has cut out all these things even though she hasn’t.

This is not the foundation of a good working relationship. And the result will be failed goals and disappointment all round.

What should the trainer do?

Not set such strict, unrealistic behavioural goals. I am sure the occasional person might like to be told to stop drinking alcohol and eating chocolate, but the majority will not follow it.

It is much more effective to be pragmatic. Work around people’s eating habits and make changes that they will definitely stick with. Sure, this might appear to take longer, but getting to the goal slower is better than not getting there at all.

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