The last few weeks, I have been sharing some of the weight loss advice I gave someone at a wedding a couple of months ago.

So far, I’ve covered:
1. Weighing yourself and setting a realistic goal
2. Keeping track of what you are eating with a food diary
3. And making small changes that will add up (as opposed to massive drastic unpleasant changes)

Today let’s start with some examples of changes you could make:


Cut your food portions by 5-10%

This is so easy because more than likely you will not even notice eating 5% less. But over time, even this one small change will make a big difference. And in practice, most people end up cutting more than that once they get into the swing of things.

Cutting down food portions means:
1. Serving yourself 5-10% less.
2. Leaving a bit, if you had no control over food being put on your plate.
3. Sharing more of your food.
4. Leaving some for later.

Let me just clarify that I am not expecting you to weigh your food and work out exactly 5 or 10%. Just an approximation. It’s a small enough amount that you will not find it difficult to implement, but it makes you aware of how much you are eating and sets you on the right track towards reducing the amount of needless food you consume.

Next week: more small changes you can make

Dr. Khandee Ahnaimugan is a medical doctor who provides a bespoke behavioural programme for weight loss. To book a comprehensive assessment at his Harley Street Clinic please email or phone +44 (0) 20 3130 4770.

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