We’re continuing with the advice I gave at a wedding to someone who wanted to lose weight.

#5 Cut out 1 “danger” food

Many people who decide to lose weight think that the way to do it is to cut out all “bad” foods.

I know someone who is getting married soon. They eat large portions of high calorie foods and does no exercise. Their plan to lose weight before their wedding involved eating nothing but “healthy” foods and exercising every day. This is a very honourable plan but its chances of success are extremely low.

If you want to move from what you eat now to a version that helps you lose weight, I recommend doing things in way that maximise your chances. You maximise your chances by having easy wins. People who see early progress are more likely to stick with a weight loss plan than people who don’t. And people who pick an easier way to lose weight will find it easier to stick with it too.

From this point of view, rather than doing too much too soon, it is better to make one change first.

That change is to eliminate one high fat/high sugar food from your diet. The food I would recommend cutting is the one that I call the “danger food”. What a danger food is, varies between people. What is a danger food for you, may not be a danger food for me.

What makes something a danger food is that it accounts for more calories than other foods (because it is a high calorie food and you eat more of it than other foods). The other characteristic is that once you start eating a danger food, you develop a craving for it. So, if your danger food is chocolate, you might have it one night after dinner and that sets up a craving for having chocolate every night after dinner.

Many of my clients will have a danger food one day and then spend the next few weeks after that, trying to get over the craving it made them have.

The beauty of the danger food approach is that you are only cutting out one type of food. You are allowed to eat other enjoyable things. You don’t feel completely deprived because you are not cutting out every single desirable food that you normally eat. And because this one food accounted for such a significant proportion of your calories, you are likely to get a large benefit from such a small change.

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