Weight Loss Clinic for Mayfair

On the doorstep of Mayfair is the Dr K Weight Loss Clinic for Women over 40.

The clinic, in Harley Street, offers a weight loss without dieting approach specifically for women over 40.

If you’re fed up with dieting, and worried that your weight is getting out of control, this weight loss approach will show you a whole new way of thinking.


Dieting Doesn’t Work

Dieting is a short-term fix.

If you want a more long-term solution, you need to think about how to change your habits and lifestyle.

I believe that dieting is the completely wrong way to lose weight. It’s too drastic and unpleasant. No one wants to diet for the rest of their life.

Instead, a behavioural approach doesn’t require dieting. It’s about changing your habits for lasting weight control.



The weight loss clinic, offers the following services for women (we are very conveniently located for Mayfair):

  • A weight loss assessment and review
  • Managing menopause weight gain
  • Behavioural weight loss programmes
  • Weight loss for women who have only gained weight after 40
  • Emotional eating programmes

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About Dr K

Dr Khandee Ahnaimugan is the director of the weight loss clinic.

Dr K has a medical degree and a masters in psychological medicine.

He is the author of three best-selling books on weight loss for women including “Slim and Healthy without Dieting”. He also writes for the Huffington Post and other online publications about weight loss.

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The Next Step

If you’d like to find out more, the best thing to do is to book in an assessment session.

Dr K will be able to assess your current situation, give you personalised advice and a plan for how to lose weight without dieting.

The clinic is 1/2 mile from Mayfair

To book an assessment session or find out more, either email, call 020 7099 0455 or fill out the contact form.

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