Weight Loss Q & A with Dr. K: Alcohol and Weight Loss, Eating Healthily and Not Losing Weight


Hi Dr. K

We are told that one glass of red wine per day actually does us more good than harm?

This suits me very nicely as i enjoy a glass with my dinner!

What is your view on this, regarding weight control? I don’t tend to eat desserts so i have a sense of entitlement!

There is some evidence that red wine can be protective against heart disease, possibly because of the antioxidant effect.

But as you say, the positives outweighing the negatives is only true for 1 glass of wine


Here is my opinion re: red wine and weight loss.

If you already drink one glass of red wine with dinner, then go for it and enjoy!
Just be aware:

Alcohol is liquid calories. If your intake creeps up to more than one glass at dinner you will be consuming more calories and so over time will increase your weight.


If someone doesn’t drink red wine, I would strongly recommend against starting a wine habit. The risks of becoming dependent make it not worth it. And from a weight control point of view, introducing new calories will cause weight gain.



Dear Dr. K

I am 58 years old and I have been exercising 4 to 5 times a week (HIIT) since last May;

Besides I have a good diet, i.e. no sugary food or drinks, few carbohydrates, fruit, veggies and little meat, nevertheless I don’t see any physical change nor weight-wise, what can I be doing wrong?



Any time I get a question from someone who feels like they’re doing everything right and still not getting anywhere, my recommendation is to keep a food diary.

You’ve probably heard this recommendation before, but it’s really important. I won’t work with a client if they can’t keep a food diary.

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes struggle to remember what I had for lunch yesterday. Similarly, when you’re recalling what you eat, it’s very easy to forget things.

The only way you can know for sure what and how much you’re eating is to keep an accurate food diary.

If you keep the food diary for several days (include both weekdays and weekends) and still can’t see where things are going wrong, then show it to someone else. Oftentimes, others can see what you can’t.

Knowing where you are going wrong is of course the first step to taking the right action to lose weight.

(Oh and by the way, the exercise you’re doing is good for you, but for women over 40 exercise is not enough to lose weight)


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2 comments on “Weight Loss Q & A with Dr. K: Alcohol and Weight Loss, Eating Healthily and Not Losing Weight
  1. Dawn Jagdev says:

    I have been using your weight loss method since the start of the year and I am pleased with my progress; I’m averaging a loss of 1lb per week, which is great. Previously when I’ve tried to lose weight, I’d lose 4lb the 1st week, 2lbs, the 2nd week, 3rd week it would stay the same and 4th week it would all have crept back on again.

    I was starting to lose hope that I’d ever lose weight. My sister is getting married in June, I’m the only bridesmaid and I didn’t want to be overweight by then. I know you say not to have deadlines but at a rate of 1lb per week, I will have lost 26lbs by June; I don’t think I’d be able to do that with any other ‘diet’. And I won’t stop then; this is the way it’s going to be forever.

    I pity my work colleagues who all started the year with their own diets, which I know won’t last; I saw one having hot water and lemon juice and rice cakes (yuk!); another one is on a gluten free diet which she says is costing her money. Another is using all her will power to avoid the chocolate bars that regularly appear in the kitchen. While I’m still able to eat ‘bad’ foods, such as muffins, white chocolate, rice pudding, waffles, etc, etc. But I make sure when I have these foods that it’s a conscious decision, I don’t eat them to excess and I make adjustments with the rest of my eating choices to take these into account. I’ve also been going to the gym twice a week since January, not to lose weight, but to get fitter and shape up and I think I can see a difference.

    The best thing about your method is that I don’t ‘beat myself up’ when I have a ‘bad’ day because I know I can get back on track the same day or even the same hour. Before, I would have waited until the weekend, or the beginning of the month to get back on track. I even find myself making good food choices and not having the chocolates and biscuits just because they’re there.

    I would like to tell my colleagues about your method, but they aren’t ready to hear it yet. I’ll tell them all about it once I’ve lost the excess weight and they’re complimenting me on my new figure!

    • That’s great Dawn. Very good progress.

      I especially like that you say “this is the way it’s going to be forever.”

      That’s so important, because while it’s great to be able to lose weight for the wedding, the real aim should be to lose weight and keep it off, for life.

      Keep up the good work!

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